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Code and Projects: /apt/
* * * Note - there have been changes to this repository * * *

The sources.list line you need to use has changed slightly, to accomidate
building/apt-getting packages for different versions of HylaFAX, multiple
architectures, and different packages I rebuild.

This apt repo supports 3 sections:
	highrise	Debian packages I build and use regulary
	hf		Packages built from HylaFAX GIT master
	hf-6.0		Packages build from stable HylaFAX 6.0 branch
	hf-4.4		Packages build from stable HylaFAX 4.4 branch

These HylaFAX packages are built directly from CVS sources.  They are all signed by me.

Other packages (in the highrise category)

My Key is CC4D3D27 from most large keyservers (like pgp.mit.edu).

These are not automatic nightly or daily builds.  They are builds I kick off
when I have a version I want to deploy to my debian systems.

The HylaFAX packages in this apt repository GIT master and the 6.0 and 4.4 branch.  You
can find older .debs in the directories.  They are build directly from the GIT repository:

Packages in the "highrise" section are packages not in the debian archive, or
packages that I change/patch from the debian archive.  They are build from
standard debian source packages (which you can find in the source directory).

If you trust me, and want to verify them, add the following to your apt
	gpg --recv-key CC4D3D27
	gpg --export --armour CC4D3D27 | sudo apt-key add -

To get apt to automatically use these packages, add the appropiate line(s) to
your /etc/apt/sources.list, depending on your distro, depending on which
sections of packages you want to include.

	#Change $DIST to what you want (sarge/etch/lenny, dapper/edgy/feisty/gutsy/hardy)
	deb http://code.highrise.ca/apt/ $DIST highrise
	deb http://code.highrise.ca/apt/ $DIST hf
	deb http://code.highrise.ca/apt/ $DIST hf-6.0
	deb http://code.highrise.ca/apt/ $DIST hf-4.4
Aidan Van Dyk 
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